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Knee Injections For Pain in Yorkville, IL


Knee pain from osteoarthritis can leave you feeling weak and unable to do things you love without pain. our Yorkville medical doctor strives to relieve knee pain by strengthening the knee, providing stretches, and treating knee pain using an injectable supplement called Supartz.

Who Should Try Our Knee Osteoarthritis Treatment Program

20 million Americans suffer from osteoarthritis which causes pain and inflammation of the joints. If you experience osteoarthritis related knee pain, it may be difficult to walk without feeling shooting pains. When that happens, our Yorkville medical doctor may suggest injections of Supartz, a hyaluronate sodium solution. Our unique knee osteoartritis treatment program combines multiple therapies into one treatment program:  knee bracing, stretching, stabilization, strengthening, balance training, and Supartz injections adding cushion between the knee bones.  This combination therapy program can restore your knee function, reduce or eliminate your knee pain, and get you back up on your feet again. These treatments are covered by most medical insurers, and we can check if your insurer covers Supartz. 

Supartz injections are safe for anyone who feels knee pain from degenerative joint conditions. However, the sodium hyaluronate we use comes from rooster combs. If you have an egg allergy, please let us know before beginning knee injections as we have an alternate product available. 

Treating Knee Pain With Supartz Injections

Sodium hyaluronate naturally occurs in your joints and keeps them lubricated. When you have arthritis, your joint loses its supply of sodium hyaluronate, so your joints no longer have a shock cushion when you move. You'll feel pain and weakness as a result.  When we administer Supartz injections, we give your joints back what they've lost, reducing the friction that causes knee pain. Think of it like putting oil in the engine. These injections help you move smoothly. 

We administer Supartz injections once a week for a total of 5 weeks. After 5 injections, your knees should feel strong for 6 months. Every 6 months, you can return to us for another round of knee injections.  You will not need to repeat any of the in office physical therapy at your 6 months follow up.  The follow up visits are fast and easy for you.

While the knee injections are really valuable, they are not a cure-all. We will administer physical therapy 3 times a week. This will strengthen and stabilize your knee joint. After you finish your injections, you'll need to complete an at-home physical therapy program (home exercise program) so you can keep yourself strong and healthy. When you do the therapy program under our supervision and at home, you will have the best results with our knee osteoarthritis treatment program. Throughout your treatment, our physicians support you in any way they can.  

We'll fit you with a special knee brace to provide support for your knees. Some patients also benefit from a custom orthotics or additional physical therapy. During your knee injections, you'll enjoy the support and personal attention of our medical doctor serving Yorkville and the surrounding communities including Sugar Grove, Plano, Lake Holiday, Bristol, Oswego, and Aurora.

Many patients find that our Supartz injections improve their quality of life in a gentle, non-invasive manner. By getting knee injections, you can avoid or delay knee surgery while reducing arthritis pain using natural substances already found within your body.  

What Can You Do?

Contact our office at 630-239-7284 to schedule an initial consultation with our Doctor to determine if you are a candidate for care. After carefully studying your case history and exam findings, we will sit down and explain our recommended plan of action for you. After answering any questions you may have about the recommended plan, you may begin your care with our team.